OBJ signature in the works?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the more polarizing figures in sports overflowing with charisma and talent. Just having inked the biggest shoe deal ever for a NFL player the price tag is unknown at the moment but’s rumored to be more than $29 Million that adidas had offered OBJ. With incentives that could add another million to each year of the deal. Other triggers could push the contract value to as much as $48 million over eight years according to a report by NiceKicks.com.

In other words Nike just made Beckham a richer man and its well deserved. With this new contract between OBJ and Nike, I’m personally expecting a signature shoe within this calendar year. When and if it does drop o its gonna be special he will be one of very few NFL players to actually have a signature shoe/cleat. He will be joining the likes of Deion Sanders, Victor Cruz, Darrell Revis, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, and Bo Jackson just to name a few. Since Odell’s arrival to the league we have seen him don some pretty snazzy cleats thanks of course to the amazing customizer Kickasso. With beckham being a top talent in the NFL and fashion icon you can say there is no ceiling to whats in store for this partnership. I personally think this is a major step forward for both parties and Nike made the right move.


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