UA Curry 4

Stephen Curry is one of the most popular athletes on the planet, but thus far his shoes have not felt the same love. Sporting these new Curry’s and torching the competition during the first 2 games of the NBA Finals, the timing has been perfect to debut. Curry has released a handful of shoes with Under Armour and they are usually decent looking. But expect that to change with the UA Curry 4 this is the best shoe Chef Curry has had to this date. With Steph Curry changing the way basketball is played  by the one 3 pointer at a time he was long over due for a really good looking signature.










This shoe could be the ONE that changes the way Under Armour basketball shoes are viewed and open up a opportunity to have more signature athletes under UA in the basketball world. It’s a huge step in the right direction as in terms of looks because Curry did have the 3rd most selling sneakers this past year. Which would certainly close the gap between Nike basketball. Its about time Chef Curry’s sneakers received some respect. The detail in these sneakers are ridiculous with a  fitted “sock” aesthetic look and texture, not to mention the gold UA logo and the bold SC30 logo. This shoes is very simple and appealing at the same time. One detail that stood out to me was that the shoe had incorporated one of Steph’s tattoos located right above the midsole. No release date has been confirmed yet but the man himself said the shoes could possibly be released around the Back to School season.



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