Am I a Sneakerhead?

A Sneakerhead is very simple yet hard word to define, but for a general understanding we are going to call a sneakerhead a person who simply loves sneakers more than a average individual.


IMG_44751.jpgDo i see myself taking care of my sneakers on the daily more than a average individual, yea i do. Would i go out my way to get a exclusive sneaker just to have and wear a couple of times, i would if i could honestly. Do i constantly shop for sneakers? No not at all i love sneakers but it honestly depends on if i can afford it. However i’m very diverse in my shoe knowledge and my collection i own. My collection has a couple of unknown or forgotten sneakers, in my constant rotation i wear are Black Puma Suede Classic, LeBron 9 low “Obsidian”, Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light, Nike Air Flight Huarache,and Nike Air Trainer III. Each of these have their own purpose because I’m solely built my collection on comfort to my liking and then style 2nd. I have roughly 30 pairs of kicks in my collection and I’m looking forward to expanding. All in all i wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead in terms of my collection but i would say I do love sneakers and everything they provide, to me i could be wearing some basic clothing as long as the kicks are fresh and clean I’M GOOD.


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