Throwback Thursday

I’m going to start posting every Thursday and pick one underrated shoe many have forgotten or a collection of kicks worn by athlete we forgot. If there is a shoe you would like to hear about or athlete with a great collection sound off in the comments.

With this being my first time posting this i thought i would go with a familiar face who all vaguely remember but he has one of the best nicknames and passes in NBA history.

Jason Williams “White Chocolate”


Watching Jason Williams play i didn’t know what to expect his game was very unpredictable on EVERY single possession. He’d throw a 60 foot lob pass like a quarterback, then a behind the back pass very nonchalant right past a defender, and then chuck up a 30 plus foot three-pointer with 17 seconds left  on the shot clock. White Chocolate was exciting to watch he played with freedom and carelessness as if he was just a street baller.


Dissecting the sneakers he wore were pretty simple but all over the place, and when i say that it I’m being very literal sporting his very memorable Nike Hyperflights to some Nike Powermatics to And1 sneakers then some Converse Wades just to name a few. So lets start highlighting his interesting and original on court kicks.

In the beginning he rocked Air Max models during his early time with Nike. From there we saw the Holistic Uptempo and Team Max Zoom then, later on switching to the Force Authority, Powermatics and Force Carbide models. The glossy patent leather Hyperflight that Williams is most known for, as his all-purple pair for the 2001 playoffs. After his time with the kings we mainly witnessed Sox based models BB4, Limitless and VC2.


Nike Shox VC2

Williams highlight driven style of play managed to get him a shoe deal offer in 2003 from AND1 that he simply couldn’t turn down, right at the peak of the brand’s Mixtape streetball era. He’d go on to help lead models like the Rise, 2Chi, Rekanize, Chosen One and few others. At the time, AND1 would let players basically put whatever they wanted on their PE pairs. William’s models  quite often featured a simple “JDUB” or “JWILL” stitched customization, with a couple even reading “WHITE BOY,” a nod to his infamous “WHIT EBOY” knuckle tattoos.

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For someone know, for his play being unpredictable and different his kick options could go in the same category.


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