Throwback Thursday

In this weeks version of Throwback Thursday i thought i would highlight a player who is relatively unknown to the casual NBA fan.  So i just picked a player i enjoyed watching genuinely to see what type of swag he would bring on court.

Chris Douglas-Roberts “CDR” 


Douglas-Roberts a long last name that stretches across the back of a jersey which looks pretty darn cool in my opinion.. CDR was a interesting player to watch,  he falls under the category of the players were all the work they do in game doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. Whether it was locking his man up for a solid 20 minutes or passing out of a good shot attempt to create a great attempt for a teammate. CDR not only is a basketball player but a fashion icon and designer. As you can tell he is obviously dripping originality in the way he presented himself on the court, C’mon now who else can make protective glasses look cool on court in this version of the NBA we are experiencing. Chris Douglas- Roberts last appeared with the LA Clippers in the 2014-2015 NBA season


If i could chose one word to describe his kick game on court, i would say NOSTALGIA. Yes i said nostalgia and i know this word is overused nowadays. But just take a look at the kicks and the way he carries himself on court. CDR literally has the look that he just hopped straight out of a 90’s TV show and in my opinion i think its great it opens up doors for more players to be individuals and express themselves in fashion on court as well as obvoiusly off court.

Below is a slideshow just showcasing how his kick game and how it has evolved throughout his years in the league. We will see many shoes from the 90’s  and some newer ones that are popular in today’s youth and online bidding sites. Douglas Roberts is big fan of the classic Penny Hardaway  signature shoe line as well as just about any version of Nike zoom. He actually dons a couple of my personal favorites


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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