Throwback Thursday

In this weeks version of Throwback Thursday i thought i would highlight a player who is relatively unknown to the casual NBA fan.  So i just picked a player i enjoyed watching genuinely to see what type of swag he would bring on court.

Chris Douglas-Roberts “CDR” 


Douglas-Roberts a long last name that stretches across the back of a jersey which looks pretty darn cool in my opinion.. CDR was a interesting player to watch,  he falls under the category of the players were all the work they do in game doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. Whether it was locking his man up for a solid 20 minutes or passing out of a good shot attempt to create a great attempt for a teammate. CDR not only is a basketball player but a fashion icon and designer. As you can tell he is obviously dripping originality in the way he presented himself on the court, C’mon now who else can make protective glasses look cool on court in this version of the NBA we are experiencing. Chris Douglas- Roberts last appeared with the LA Clippers in the 2014-2015 NBA season


If i could chose one word to describe his kick game on court, i would say NOSTALGIA. Yes i said nostalgia and i know this word is overused nowadays. But just take a look at the kicks and the way he carries himself on court. CDR literally has the look that he just hopped straight out of a 90’s TV show and in my opinion i think its great it opens up doors for more players to be individuals and express themselves in fashion on court as well as obvoiusly off court.

Below is a slideshow just showcasing how his kick game and how it has evolved throughout his years in the league. We will see many shoes from the 90’s  and some newer ones that are popular in today’s youth and online bidding sites. Douglas Roberts is big fan of the classic Penny Hardaway  signature shoe line as well as just about any version of Nike zoom. He actually dons a couple of my personal favorites


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Throwback Thursday

I’m going to start posting every Thursday and pick one underrated shoe many have forgotten or a collection of kicks worn by athlete we forgot. If there is a shoe you would like to hear about or athlete with a great collection sound off in the comments.

With this being my first time posting this i thought i would go with a familiar face who all vaguely remember but he has one of the best nicknames and passes in NBA history.

Jason Williams “White Chocolate”


Watching Jason Williams play i didn’t know what to expect his game was very unpredictable on EVERY single possession. He’d throw a 60 foot lob pass like a quarterback, then a behind the back pass very nonchalant right past a defender, and then chuck up a 30 plus foot three-pointer with 17 seconds left  on the shot clock. White Chocolate was exciting to watch he played with freedom and carelessness as if he was just a street baller.


Dissecting the sneakers he wore were pretty simple but all over the place, and when i say that it I’m being very literal sporting his very memorable Nike Hyperflights to some Nike Powermatics to And1 sneakers then some Converse Wades just to name a few. So lets start highlighting his interesting and original on court kicks.

In the beginning he rocked Air Max models during his early time with Nike. From there we saw the Holistic Uptempo and Team Max Zoom then, later on switching to the Force Authority, Powermatics and Force Carbide models. The glossy patent leather Hyperflight that Williams is most known for, as his all-purple pair for the 2001 playoffs. After his time with the kings we mainly witnessed Sox based models BB4, Limitless and VC2.


Nike Shox VC2

Williams highlight driven style of play managed to get him a shoe deal offer in 2003 from AND1 that he simply couldn’t turn down, right at the peak of the brand’s Mixtape streetball era. He’d go on to help lead models like the Rise, 2Chi, Rekanize, Chosen One and few others. At the time, AND1 would let players basically put whatever they wanted on their PE pairs. William’s models  quite often featured a simple “JDUB” or “JWILL” stitched customization, with a couple even reading “WHITE BOY,” a nod to his infamous “WHIT EBOY” knuckle tattoos.

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For someone know, for his play being unpredictable and different his kick options could go in the same category.

Am I a Sneakerhead?

A Sneakerhead is very simple yet hard word to define, but for a general understanding we are going to call a sneakerhead a person who simply loves sneakers more than a average individual.


IMG_44751.jpgDo i see myself taking care of my sneakers on the daily more than a average individual, yea i do. Would i go out my way to get a exclusive sneaker just to have and wear a couple of times, i would if i could honestly. Do i constantly shop for sneakers? No not at all i love sneakers but it honestly depends on if i can afford it. However i’m very diverse in my shoe knowledge and my collection i own. My collection has a couple of unknown or forgotten sneakers, in my constant rotation i wear are Black Puma Suede Classic, LeBron 9 low “Obsidian”, Adidas AdiZero Crazy Light, Nike Air Flight Huarache,and Nike Air Trainer III. Each of these have their own purpose because I’m solely built my collection on comfort to my liking and then style 2nd. I have roughly 30 pairs of kicks in my collection and I’m looking forward to expanding. All in all i wouldn’t call myself a sneakerhead in terms of my collection but i would say I do love sneakers and everything they provide, to me i could be wearing some basic clothing as long as the kicks are fresh and clean I’M GOOD.

UA Curry 4

Stephen Curry is one of the most popular athletes on the planet, but thus far his shoes have not felt the same love. Sporting these new Curry’s and torching the competition during the first 2 games of the NBA Finals, the timing has been perfect to debut. Curry has released a handful of shoes with Under Armour and they are usually decent looking. But expect that to change with the UA Curry 4 this is the best shoe Chef Curry has had to this date. With Steph Curry changing the way basketball is played  by the one 3 pointer at a time he was long over due for a really good looking signature.










This shoe could be the ONE that changes the way Under Armour basketball shoes are viewed and open up a opportunity to have more signature athletes under UA in the basketball world. It’s a huge step in the right direction as in terms of looks because Curry did have the 3rd most selling sneakers this past year. Which would certainly close the gap between Nike basketball. Its about time Chef Curry’s sneakers received some respect. The detail in these sneakers are ridiculous with a  fitted “sock” aesthetic look and texture, not to mention the gold UA logo and the bold SC30 logo. This shoes is very simple and appealing at the same time. One detail that stood out to me was that the shoe had incorporated one of Steph’s tattoos located right above the midsole. No release date has been confirmed yet but the man himself said the shoes could possibly be released around the Back to School season.


OBJ signature in the works?

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the more polarizing figures in sports overflowing with charisma and talent. Just having inked the biggest shoe deal ever for a NFL player the price tag is unknown at the moment but’s rumored to be more than $29 Million that adidas had offered OBJ. With incentives that could add another million to each year of the deal. Other triggers could push the contract value to as much as $48 million over eight years according to a report by

In other words Nike just made Beckham a richer man and its well deserved. With this new contract between OBJ and Nike, I’m personally expecting a signature shoe within this calendar year. When and if it does drop o its gonna be special he will be one of very few NFL players to actually have a signature shoe/cleat. He will be joining the likes of Deion Sanders, Victor Cruz, Darrell Revis, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, and Bo Jackson just to name a few. Since Odell’s arrival to the league we have seen him don some pretty snazzy cleats thanks of course to the amazing customizer Kickasso. With beckham being a top talent in the NFL and fashion icon you can say there is no ceiling to whats in store for this partnership. I personally think this is a major step forward for both parties and Nike made the right move.

Balling or Falling?

Now that It’s almost been 2 weeks since the ZO2 had dropped and sent basketball fans, and sneaker lovers into an outrage. I thought i would put in my 2 cents on the subject. Yes the price tag is hefty at $495,yes the concept is plain and so what if it resembles other sneakers. Seems like a lot of the criticism towards the sneaker is mainly towards the price tag and the man at the helm of Big Baller Brand “BBB” , Lonzo’s father Lavar Ball.



When i first heard of this shoe being released i was sitting in class and i didn’t really get a good look at it till later on in the day. Me being a fan of Lonzo Ball and his game, my first impression was “O they aight i like the simplicity”. Would i personally spend a whopping $495…NO i wouldn’t but hey I’m not a big baller as Lavar Ball said “Big Baller’s loose! If you can’t afford the ZO2’S, you’re NOT a BIG BALLER! 💰” Im not on that level yet but i would if i had money to blow.  Since they have been released we have seen a lot of love & hate for the young man and his shoes. Love him or hate him Lonzo Ball can ball and will continue to ball, what the future holds no one knows. But we do know one thing with the NBA Draft coming up it’s expected that Lonzo goes #2 overall to the Lakers, if he does go there we could see a high demand of these sneakers. Just wonder homegrown cali boy goes to UCLA then gets drafted by one of the most coveted franchises in all of professional sports the Los Angeles Lakers, Yup these shoes are selling no matter the price tag.


Iconic Sneaker Collaborations

This post  is in no particular  order . I just chose  these  iconic individuals & groups that have made some  killer  collaborations. Sit back and enjoy, sorry if I  missed one of your favorite collabs but , feel free to share below in the comments.

Run DMC x Adidas  


Back in 1983, from Hollis, Queens, came Run-D.M.C , a rap group that refused to  adapt to pop standards by deciding that they would dress on stage the way they dressed in the streets. Can’t fake originality and Run DMC was oozing with just that. Run DMC was most notable for wearing the Superstars without any laces and pushing the tongue of the shoe out. The deal made between Run-D.M.C. and Adidas was the first endorsement deal between hip-hop artists and a major corporation. Can’t forget that classic “My Adidas”song . You know , that this being  the first endorsement deal between a  hip hop artist and a major corporation that there was no way I could l ignore it. If one word could describe this collab it’s simply the word , “Classic”.


Staple Pigeon x Nike 


On February 22, 2005, this sneaker was released exclusively in New York and had a run of 202 pairs, 30 of the pairs were released at Staple’s retail store, Reed Space. That morning, a large crowd gathered outside of the store. When the NYPD were called in to control the crowd, a riot happened. The news made the front page of the New York Post. But it’s not just about rarity and scarcity  here , its about the whole concept of this collaboration.  The subtle shades of grey mixed with the bright orange ,created a new NYC classic that was appreciated worldwide among sneakerheads. For a shoe that was so limited, the Nike Pigeon Dunk SB left a lasting impression on the sneaker world. They have had a heap of Collaborations  since then but none of them  will ever top these pair of Nike Sb’s.

Eminem x Jordan  

Eminem one the fastest and most elaborate rappers not only was known for his music but his sneaker collaboration with Jordan are in a category of their own. Rarity is what makes this collaboration so iconic. Rumored to be limited to 50 pairs, the ‘ENCORE’ Retro Air Jordan 4  was given to friends and family, and a small amount was released to the public through a contest.  The Air Jordan 2 was his first pair of Jordan’s, they became his favorite and eventually helped promote the launch of his 2008 autobiography “The Way I Am.” A combo of grey suede and black leather took over the sneaker, with Eminem’s lyrics imprinted on the mudguard and collar. This pair was limited to 313 pairs, in honor of Detroit ” his hometown”, and was released exclusively online via the Air Jordan Flight Club. Em’s collaborations are always a hit I expect there to be another dope silhouette as well as it being an exclusive sneaker.

Doernbecher x Nike/Jordan 

The partnership between Nike and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital began in 2004. Michael Doherty, Nike’s Creative Director and a Doernbecher Foundation board member, was discussing with his son, ways to raise money for the hospital. His son suggested that Nike create one of a kind shoes and put them online. With the idea in mind, Michael toured the hospital with Nike shoe designers. Designer Marcus Tayui’s had a vision to take the idea one step further by having the children design the shoes. The proceeds directly benefit the hospital that helped save their lives. Every year, Nike designers and developers partner with Doernbecher patients who have fought serious illnesses to build a shoe unique to each patient. The children are literally the designers by choosing the colors, styles and materials that reflect their stories and personalities. This collab is iconic because of the purpose behind it, and a great way to tell a story of a warrior.

University of Oregon x Jordan 


Footwear brands have been making exclusive sneakers for college teams over the years, but there aren’t really any schools that can match up to the player exclusives laid upon the University of Oregon Ducks. Due to the school’s deep history with Nike, Oregon athletes have access to more exclusive footwear than any other college in the nation, including a grip of extremely sought after Air Jordan sneakers. In 2011, legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was trying to find a new way to keep athletes comfortable and stylish on the road when he decided to color up some exclusive Air Jordan’s. No college will  be able to top this iconic collaboration even if you are or are not a Oregon ducks fan, you got to admit you crave a pair of their exclusives.

Kanye West x Nike

Nike Air Yeezy 1

Nike Air Yeezy 2

Nike Air Yeezy2

Over time, Chicago’s own Kanye West  has made it known with confidence that he’s one of the most influential figures within fashion and footwear. What makes this interesting is that Yeezy isn’t your Elite Superstar athlete, but a recording artist with numerous visions and ideas. The Nike Air Yeezy I released and retailed for $215 USD. Nowadays, you’ll find the highly coveted model on eBay and at consignment shops for over $1,000 USD  less if you’re lucky. The sequel isn’t normally better than the original but in this case it was. Worn by NBA players on court and your most fashionable entertainers on red carpets, the Nike Air Yeezy II hit the market and blew up.

Kanye West x Adidas 


Yeezy Yeezy how you do it? First Nike now Adidas, The Yeezy Boost 750 was the first model to celebrate Mr. West’s new partnership with Adidas.  Anticipation was growing  ever since the collaborative relationship was announced and  the Yeezy Boost 750 dropped. Kanye being Kanye just had to out due himself again. The Yeezy Boost 350 caught the eyes of media outlets for its simple design and use of performance-based technology. Kanye on the list twice well because who else you know can go from dropping heat at Nike then leaving to go to Adidas to only continue where he they left off at.