My Top 3 Signature Sneakers

This is a quick list I put together. It’s based off some of my favorite sneakers of all time. I chose 3 specifically because well, why not. Making this list was tough honestly but these specific 3 sneakers gave me flashbacks to why I love sneakers and basketball. Feel free to tell me your top 3 in the comments.

#3  Nike Zoom Flight V

Player: Jason Kidd



Jason Kidd’s first signature shoe is considered of the best Nike basketball performing sneakers from it’s comfort level,stability, and traction.The iridescent “Bug eye” midsole gave it that BOOM factor. This shoe possesses some very odd designs and that’s why its on my list for its ability to standout and make me reminiscence on the impact and play Jason Kidd had on the game of basketball.

#2 Adidas T-MAC 5

Player: Tracy McGrady



Tracy McGrady is one of my favorite players all time so its hard for me to put this sneaker at #2 on my list. The TMAC 5 is arguably one of McGrady’s best sneakers he wore this Black and Red color way as a member of the Houston Rockets in the 2005-2006 Season.  This shoe just had the “IT”  factor. For me, there are so many great things about this pair. We could talk about the hardwood exposed in the heel, the suede cross strap, and of course the focal point the #1. Personally these were the first basketball shoes I never wore they made me fall in love in sneakers.

#1 Nike Kobe 1

Player: Kobe Bryant

Year: 2006

The Nike Zoom Kobe 1 was and still is iconic. The sneaker itself holds basketball history no one will ever forget. Other than the fact that it was his first signature sneaker with Nike, Kobe dominated the league in the 05-06 season winning his first scoring title by averaging a amazing  35.4 points per game. You would think that that would be enough, but nope this is the Black Mamba, he would go on to drop 81 points on the Toronto Raptors head. This sneaker gets #1 on my list because of the history it holds and it  launched the  start to a great line of sneakers to come.